Imagine being free,

a feared entity.

As the world mocks,

her skin that is

tasted by the wind,

she walked on,

confidently in her jeans.

She was taught,

how her shoulders

were scandalous,

and to be shameful

of the coloured locks;

the western’s influence.

But she knows herself best

so this doesn’t faze her,

not in any sense.

The truth jumps out

of her mouth;

a brave expression,

when lies were shouted

in her face, always,

trying to wipe away,

erase, her stories,

her stance.

But she is however she is,

unaffected by your ramblings.

As you worry about no longer

being able to take her power,

she laughs in your face,

reclaiming her space.

Written by Elle Kasse, twitter id: @ElleKassette