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In 2014 a Freedom of Information request to UK police forces revealed that over 11,000 cases of ‘honour’ crime were recorded between 2010-14. Before accessing support, victims at risk of HBV experienced abuse for 2 years longer
(5 years vs 3 years) than those not identified as at risk of HBV.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of victims at risk of HBV were not eligible for most benefits. 68% of victims at risk of HBV were at high risk of serious harm or homicide, compared to 55% of those not identified as at risk of HBV.

Leaving or questioning a faith can be a very complicated process, and for the most part ExMuslims for safety reasons tend to be closeted and live a double life to the fear of abandonment, shunning, ostracism, but also their life.
Apostates face a great amount of abuse be it physical, emotional or psychological by their families and/or communities should they decide to announce their departure of a religion. Both choices lead to extreme levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues.

Faithless Hijabi supports clients globally including countries where being an apostate or in combination being from the LGBTQ+ community poses a larger risk to one’s life from community based ostracism to state persecution. Our work in supporting ExMuslims in the realm of mental health is significant as a starting point to care for those individuals at risk.
Our Aim is to help people from Muslims backgrounds defeat the stigma of mental health and bring them closer to understanding that there’s help out there and we want to be able to provide them with that.

Yes, we support LGBTQ+ ExMuslims too!

Most of the people we support are based in the Middle East where both Apostasy and Homosexuality is criminalised we found that creating our network of trusted therapists who have had experience in religious trauma and who speak Arabic and English has been tremendously helpful for the ExMuslim community who also identify as LGBTQ+. LGTBQ+ individuals often face adversity related to their sexual orientation or gender identity that includes bullying, harassment, and violent victimization, and experiences of stigma, discrimination, social isolation and state or community persecution.

Many LGBTQ+ individuals feel unsafe in their schools and some do not feel accepted in their families and communities because of their sexual orientation or gender identity; LGBTQ+ individuals who fear coming out to their families face stress associated with hiding their identity and possible rejection by those closest to them. In addition to fear of rejection, the prevalence of sexual and physical abuse is higher for LGBTQ+ individuals. Family strain, conflict, abuse, or rejection related to sexual orientation or gender identity can severely disrupt positive development among LGBTQ+ individuals and increase the risk for additional stressors such as state persecution, homelessness and even honour based abuse.

Experiences of discrimination, violence, and lack of support or rejection by caregivers, peers, and communities place LGBTQ individuals at increased risk for depression, posttraumatic stress disorder and suicide.

We sponsor 12 therapy sessions per referral. Our therapists are trained to work with apostates and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our affiliate org Trauma Treatment international provides trauma specific therapy to survivors of torture, war and state persecution, in this case specifically to ExMuslims who have been through extreme trauma.

Therapy Better and Cherry Tree Clinic are UK based clinic providing psychotherapy sessions to clients referred by Faithless Hijabi in English.

Brainstation clinic located in Lebanon offers psychotherapy for clients that speak Arabic.

If you’re looking to join the program to receive this benefit, please email to join the program or fill out the form below to be contacted

Please note: This program is only open to ExMuslims who have identified their mental health is at risk as a result of their apostasy or sexual orientation.

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    Organisations that have supported this program:

    Independent Therapists

    Mimzy is a counsellor and life coach. For the past three years she has worked alongside the lead psychotherapist in individual and group therapy for the Grenfell fire survivors. She is a member within the Domestic Violence Forum for the East London area and part of the counselling committee for East London schools. And works as a group therapy counsellor for CEMB (Council for ExMuslims Brittain)

    Mimzy specialises in helping people who have left religion, PTSD, relationship family issues, depression and anxiety.

    Mimzy is currently on a sabbatical.

    Rehmat is a clinical psychologist, licensed therapist, and life coach based in the United Kingdom. For the past 2 years, she has been working for Coventry Mind as a support worker. Her areas of clinical interest include rape victims, physical/sexual abuse, complex trauma, gender & sexual diversity and LGBTQIA support. Rehmat specializes in inner child healing, coping mechanisms for anger and stress as well as helps people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, lack of self-esteem, and self-confidence.

    Alongside this, she has experience with terminally ill patients and worked for palliative care in hospitals.
    Rehmat works with men and women from all backgrounds, including ExMuslims and Muslims.

    Luke is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from the United States. He has worked for international universities in Iraq and China providing mental health counseling to students and staff. Luke’s areas of clinical interest include complex trauma, gender based violence, child abuse and religious oppression. He is a clinical fellow at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
    Luke has worked extensively with women and men from Muslim backgrounds, including ExMuslims.
    Haya is a psychotherapist specialised in CBT. For the past four years she has worked with individuals with anxiety disorders such as OCD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder & others. She also has experience with mood disorders, suicidal behavior, PTSD, drug/alcohol problems. She helps individuals enhance their self-esteem to build better relationships with others and feel confident about their abilities. Haya also offers (DBT) therapy for people with borderline personality disorder and emotional dysregulation. 

    Haya speaks fluent Arabic and English.

    Partnered Clinics

    Trauma Treatment International (TTI) is a UK registered charity founded in 2017 by Dr Brock Chisholm, Dr Katy Robjant and Polly Rossdale, leading experts in the fields of human rights, trauma and organised violence.
    All of TTI’s work is rooted in evidence-based best practice, carried out by a global network of clinical psychologists. This associate pool is made up of experts who are highly experienced in delivering trauma treatment through individual therapy, group support and community-based therapies.

    Brainstation‘s mission is to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, to break the stigma in the Arab World, and to help as many clients/patients as possible deal with mental health problems affecting their daily life and reach their full potential using evidence-based/scientific therapy approaches (CBT – DBT – ACT – IPT – Schema-focused CBT and others). 

    Brainstation provides therapy in English or Arabic.

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    The mental health program has currently reached it's capacity for the quarter. Please register your interest filling out the inquiry form to join our waiting list.
    The mental health program has currently reached it's capacity for the quarter. Please register your interest filling out the inquiry form to join our waiting list.