Mental Health Program

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In 2014 a Freedom of Information request to UK police forces revealed that over 11,000 cases of ‘honour’ crime were recorded between 2010-14. Before accessing support, victims at risk of HBV experienced abuse for 2 years longer
(5 years vs 3 years) than those not identified as at risk of HBV.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of victims at risk of HBV were not eligible for most benefits. 68% of victims at risk of HBV were at high risk of serious harm or homicide, compared to 55% of those not identified as at risk of HBV.

We aim to create a safe space for women to come together and support one another. We have multiple programs in place, such as the video series “Support corner”, our community engagement group, and our story telling podcast on YouTube.

Currently, we are fundraising for our Mental Health Program. Our mental health program has partnered with a clinic in the UK, Cherry Tree Clinic and other independent therapists depending on locations that are trained to provide specialised therapy for apostates. Sponsoring 1 session for 1 person costs as little as £20-40 pounds, and with greater funding we can refer women for longer sessions.

This program is open to both Muslim and ExMuslims

If you’re looking to join the program to receive this benefit, please email to join our waiting list.

Independent Therapists

Mimzy is a counsellor and life coach. For the past three years she has worked alongside the lead psychotherapist in individual and group therapy for the Grenfell fire survivors. She is a member within the Domestic Violence Forum for the East London area and part of the counselling committee for East London schools. And works as a group therapy counsellor for CEMB (Council for ExMuslims Brittain)

Mimzy specialises in helping people who have left religion, PTSD, relationship family issues, depression and anxiety.

Rehmat is a clinical psychologist, counsellor and life coach. For the past 2 years she has been working for the Coventry Mind as a support worker for the buddy service. She has experience with young people who have ADHD and Autism or suffered from physical/ sexual abuse. Alongside this she has experience with terminally ill patients and worked for palliative care in hospitals. 

Rehmat specialises in coping mechanisms for anger and stress and helps people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, lack of self esteem and self confidence. 

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