Supporting ExMuslims to overcome religious trauma and honour based abuse

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supporting ExMuslims

Faithless Hijabi’s primary purpose is to assist ExMuslims who face threats to their life or wellbeing as a result of their apostasy from Islam.
At present we offer the Mental Health Program that provides ExMuslims with 12 therapy sessions with our partnered therapists and clinics in English or Arabic.

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We aim to normalise dissent and to ensure women and men are safe should they wish to leave religion. Unfortunately, however, most families tend to ostracise, abuse and sometimes even threaten women with honour-based violence if they step out of line. We advocate educating all sides in order to garner and instil support for ExMuslims.





Story telling allows us to view the world in a different way than what we’ve been exposed to.
Stories engage our imagination that help us become participants in the narrative.
Shared Experiences validate our confrontation, inspire us and connect us with others who we relate to. Our vision is to give ExMuslims a platform to express themselves and engage our audiences in creating awareness for the silenced voices.