Supporting ExMuslims to overcome religious trauma and honour based abuse

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supporting ExMuslims

Faithless Hijabi’s primary purpose is to assist ExMuslims who face threats to their life or wellbeing as a result of their apostasy from Islam.
At present we offer the Mental Health Program that provides ExMuslims with 12 therapy sessions with our partnered therapists and clinics in English or Arabic.

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Our goal is to normalize dissent and ensure that individuals are safe if they choose to leave their religion. However, in many cases, families may ostracize, abuse, or even threaten individuals with honor-based violence if they choose to leave their religion. We believe that educating all parties involved can help prevent these negative responses and provide support for ExMuslims.





At Faithless Hijabi, our vision is to provide a safe and supportive space for ExMuslims to heal and thrive. We believe in the right to freedom of religion and the right to leave a religion without fear of discrimination or harm. Through our mental health support services and resources, we aim to help ExMuslims navigate their new identity and build a sense of community. We are committed to promoting secularism and humanism, and to standing up for the rights of all individuals to freely practice or not practice any religion without fear of persecution.