Support Us

As a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of individual donors to help fund our mission. Your contribution enables us to do our work at this critical time and we truly appreciate it.

Your donations will be spread across helping us run Faithless Hijabi and support individual cases that we work on along side other organisations that support ExMuslims at risk.

Your donations will be contributed towards:

Funding shelters when necessary: we often find ourselves in touch
with women who have left abusive homes and are on the run. While we connect them to other supporting organisations, as such we require the funding to help girls with essentials and immediate needs.

Contribution to legal fees to aid ExMuslims at risk that require legal assistance in their plight.

Transportation costs: ExMuslims on the run usually require immediate funding to help them get to a safer place and away from families and authorities who aim to hurt them for their apostasy/dissent.

**Individuals at risk will only receive funding when vetted by partnering organisations we work with and capped at £200 per case.
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