About Us

Shared Experiences

Faithless Hijabi was established in October 2018 and since we’ve helped hundreds of women to engage with us from all over the world. As it stands, women who leave the religion of Islam are often ostracised by their families, any form of dissent has the possibility of inciting violence.

This is a space where vulnerable and endangered women garner support. Our space is one of shared experiences, experiential guidance, and strength in unity.

The reality of the world today is that there exists many nations and cultures where women are abused and threatened with honour violence and killings when questioning their faith.

Creating a Community

At Faithless Hijabi we aim to ensure women are safe in questioning their faith and are protected from harm when exploring the space outside Islam.

We’ve established a community on Discord that ensures anonymity of our members and enables women to express themselves freely while ensuring all members are protected.

We work with women from abusive backgrounds by guiding them to the relevant organisations in their country that can support them.

We aim to be a support system and help women grow by mentoring them to achieve financial independence

Some of our mentorship revolve around create a nurturing environment that advocates for a balanced conversation with their families and helping them understand how to create and maintain boundaries.

As of recently, we’ve started our podcast/video series on Life After Islam and Support Corner, for more information visit our video series page.

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