Our upcoming fundraiser event is an opportunity to engage with some of the most influential voices in the online community as they come together to discuss pressing issues related to human rights and freedom of thought. A panel of 14 renowned YouTubers, activists, and journalists will share their unique perspectives on a variety of important topics such as the Iran protests as a pivotal movement for human rights, the current state of India as one of the largest secular countries falling into the hands of religious fanaticism, and the role of apostates in challenging religious authority and promoting critical thinking.

25th March 2023

11.45 PDT 14.45 EDT 18.45 GMT
05.45 AEST (26 March)

Online YouTube

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The Schedule

11.45 PDT | 14.45 EDT | 18.45 GMT : Intro to the Fundraiser + Dad Jokes

12.00 PDT | 15.00 EDT | 19.00 GMT : Iran protests a pivotal movement for women’s rights, apostasy rights and liberation for people all over the world

12.30 PDT | 15.30 EDT | 19.30p GMT : India: One of the largest secular countries falling in the hands of religious fanaticism

12.50 PDT | 15.50 EDT | 19.50p GMT : Religion and Culture Imperialism

13.15 PDT | 16.15 EDT | 20.15 GMT : Exploring the implications of conflating criticism of Islam with anti-Muslim bigotry

14.00 PDT | 17.00 EDT | 21.00 GMT : The psychological and social impacts of leaving a religion, and how apostates can find support and community

14.30 PDT | 17.30 EDT | 21.30 GMT : The role of apostates in challenging religious authority and promoting critical thinking + Strategies for promoting dialogue and understanding between believers and non-believers

15.00 PDT |18.00 EDT | 22.00 GMT : The Challenges & opportunities that Apostates face in advocating for their beliefs in societies where they are in the minority

This event is more than just a panel discussion, it’s an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Faithless Hijabi’s Mental health program, which provides support and resources for those who have left their Islam.
Don’t miss this chance to be a part of this enlightening and thought-provoking event while contributing to a meaningful cause. Register now and be a part of this exciting event, more details will be released soon.

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