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Zara Kay

Founder and Strategy Lead

Zara Kay is an Australian ExMuslim activist, based in London. Zara spent most of her childhood in Tanzania where she was brought up as a Shia Muslim in the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat, and since renouncing her faith, Zara has been advocating against the systematic degradation of women in society. 

Zara has been featured on mainstream media, including the front pages of The Australian, News.com.au, The Daily Mail  and Sky News

Additionally, has spoken at conferences in both Australia and England: Q & A panel for the movie Islam and the Future of Tolerance, Does Islam need to be reformed?, Losing your religion and Ex-Muslim women speak out.

For enquiries: zarakay@faithlesshijabi.org

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Giving some time to Faithless Hijabi means being there for people who desperately need someone.
And that really matters.


We're always looking for more people to join us.

At present we're looking to expand our Arabic section and are looking for people fluent in both Arabic and English.

If you have a couple of hours a week to donate and help us grow please email us expressing your interest on


*Applications processes include a two step interview process in a casual setting.

Fay Rahman

Editor and Publisher

Fay is a British-Bangladeshi activist. Fay was from a Salafi Muslim background, and also was part of the Tableegh Jamaat for a little while. She started speaking about Islam in October 2018, but renounced her faith in the February of 2017.


Her aim is to normalise leaving Islam to the extent that young people stop being disowned by or threatened with honour violence and death from their families or community.


She is also a co-host on the Out of the Fold Podcast.

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Asset Protection

Peyton lives in Eastern Germany and is a security researcher for Google Project Zero.

While not being an ExMuslim himself he understands the plight of many ExMuslims and is working with Faithless Hijabi to ensure ExMuslims are kept safe from any cyber attacks and can access and use the internet in a privacy safe environment by providing information on best practices.

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Omayma M

Content Moderator

Omayma is an Australian-Egyptian ExMuslim who is passionate about promoting secularist and humanist ideals.


She is using her experience to encourage dialogue about apostasy taboos, normalising dissent and Human Rights violations in the name of religion.

Her primary focus is female empowerment such as challenging gender roles, reclaiming bodily autonomy, creating opportunity and increasing independence.

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Nour T

Translator and Publisher

Nour is a Syrian-Jordanian ExMuslim who grew up in a Sunni Muslim community. She started to question religion very early in her life.


Going back and forth with her faith for past few years, she wants to normalise questioning and doubting religion in a safe environment where help and support are widely available, and without living in fear of abuse or worse. 

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